Sense-Making in a Changing World

Episode 87: Urban Off-Grid Living with Michael Mobbs and Morag Gamble

December 14, 2022 Morag Gamble: Permaculture Education Institute Season 87 Episode 5
Sense-Making in a Changing World
Episode 87: Urban Off-Grid Living with Michael Mobbs and Morag Gamble
Sense-making in a Changing World with Morag Gamble
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Show Notes

In the new episode of Morag Gamble’s podcast, Michael Mobbs shares insights from his 50 + years experience living and breathing environmentalism and sustainability.

Starting out as Australia’s first environmental lawyer in 1978, Michael went on to create an off-grid home for his family in the 1990s – right in the heart of Sydney. His passion for sustainability led him to write two books: Sustainable House, and, Sustainable Food.

Michael’s off-grid home is featured in Zac Efron’s latest season of Down to Earth on Netflix, and a model of the home is on display in the Powerhouse Museum Sydney. (here's a link to the trailer - Michael is featured in the Eco-Innovators episode)

As for the need for climate action, now? Michael says:

“The best way through (the climate crisis) is by consuming food that you grow or buying locally grown. And when you grow food, do so with the compost that you create from your food waste. There's no such thing as waste, just a failure of imagination. Don't be without imagination – be with compost, be with the soil, be with plants.”

The Sustainable House website with Michael Mobbs
Sustainable House Book by Michael Mobbs
Sustainable Food Book by Michael Mobbs

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